Modern Indian Wedding Invitations Cards

Handmade modern Indian wedding invitationWhen planning your Indian wedding, the important thing is to find your own style and Indian wedding invitation cards that tie into that vision.

Modern Indian wedding invitation cards can express the feeling of your wedding day and your personal sense of style.

If that’s important to you, then don’t settle. There are a variety of Indian wedding invitation card designs at different prices that can give you the modern feeling you want!

So what should you look for in a modern Indian wedding invitation card?

There are several design ideas that will let your guests know you are creating a special wedding. You can use just one or use them in combination. But you don’t need each idea to be represented on your wedding invitations for them to be modern and different.


Modern Indian Inspired Shapes

Ganesh Indian Wedding Invitations ModernIndian culture is rich with design, from beautiful archways in architecture to intricate prints and patterns.

You can look for traditional Indian design elements that are modernized in some way. This usually means they are made a little simpler and are more iconic looking.

People actually see shape before they see color, so modern Indian-inspired shapes can make a huge difference in your wedding style.

And don’t forget the fonts. They are shapes too. Indian wedding invitations can have a more modern feeling through the fonts you use as well.


Modern Indian Wedding Color Palettes

colorful indian wedding invitation imbueyouAnother option for modern Indian wedding invitations is color.

Find a color palette that expresses the mood of your wedding whether that be formal, fun, romantic, whimsical or something else.

Traditional Indian wedding palettes, such as red and gold, can be made more modern by adding another color like purple or white.

You can also go more vibrant such as teal, yellow and fuchsia, or purple, teal and silver. Or go more subdued for a more romantic feeling, such as coral and brown.


Modern Wedding Invitation Formats and Handmade Indian Wedding Invitations

Modern Handmade Indian Wedding InvitationNew invitation design formats, such as alternatives to flat cards or pocket folders, can be a great way to inject a more modern look to your wedding. For instance, booklets are an unexpected way to list events and accommodations and still keep all your information together for your guests.

Handmade invitations are also unique. They make sense for smaller Indian weddings, such as those under 200 people. Adding wraps, tags and other handmade details have a contemporary look with a personal feeling that shows your wedding is special and meaningful.


Go with What You Like

Often, you’ll know the right wedding invitation when you see it. It will just feel right. If the invitation works for you and your vision of your wedding, it will help your guests understand your big day.

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